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The Real Man of the House: Ch. 1 Taking the Mother

2023-01-22 00:19:45

I hate my father. He's such a damn wimp. If he had some courage, he wouldn't have wet his pants. If he knew how to fight, he would've fought that mugger. If he was a fucking man, Mom would still be alive.

Well two months after her funeral, he met someone else and a month later he was married again. Three fucking months later, that's how long it took him to replace her. Son of a bitch. His new wife is named Nancy and she has two daughters, the sixteen-year-old Wendy and the thirteen-year-old Dorothy.

Nancy is a calm, compromising housewife that seems quite submissive. She is 35 years-old with blue-eyes, dark-brown-hair, a slim figure, and moderate cans. She's okay looking, but she would be a lot hotter, if she had some damn fashion sense.

Wendy Is your typical high school girl, she is materialistic, loves talking to boys, and loves Justin Butthole Bieber. Her blond-hair, blue eyes, slim figure, nice curves, and nice melons makes her a boy magnet, but she insists she's still a virgin. Liar.

Dorothy is just a boring seventh grader. We go to the same Middle school. Her personality is reserved and shy. Physically she's only starting to develop, but she is a brunette with green eyes.

Wait, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Justin, I'm fourteen, I have dirty blond hair, brown hair, and a great build for my age. I'm in such good shape because I kickbox.

My dad going working late again at the pharmacy, so I'm stuck at home with my step family. Oh well, the main one I hate is Nancy, though Wendy can be quite a bitch though. I do enjoy Wendy's company though.

Well It's dinner time and Nancy is serving ramen noodles with caesar salad. She notices I'm making a face as asks me if something is the matter.

"Yeah, where's the beef." I answer like that old lady in those old Burger King commercials. "I'm not some fatass trying to lose weight."

"Watch your tongue you little prick. Mom worked hard making this food for you and that's all you have to say," Ironically she bad mouthed her mouth over her mouth not giving her what she wanted.

"Wendy, I can take care of this," Her mother replied. "I'll make a note that you like meat."

"Stop babying him!"

"YOU KEEP OUT OFF THIS." I toss my dinner off the table and head to my room.


Luckily I have a lot of beef jerky and sports bars, so that'll be my dinner with a candy bar for dessert.

After I'm done with my... dinner, I think about how I acted. I did act a bit ungrateful, so I think about apologizing to Nancy, she did work hard on dinner.

Normally, I wouldn't think twice about apologizing, but I have to live with these people, soooo, you know, it's best if they don't hate me. But by the time I make this realization it's 9 o'clock. Nancy's asleep so I have to wake her up and I can't wait until tomorrow. I'll have made another realization by then and change my mind.

I walk down the hall and crack open the door and what awaits me is something I could never have imagined.

"Your home, dear. Hop on in, I've been waiting for you." she said seductively.

She thinks I was her husband. Well, I'd hate to admit it, but me and my dad do look alike, though I look tougher than him, but it's dark in the room so she can only see my silhouette. Well, I may not like her, but the way she told me to hop in and I got a raging hard on. Plus, it would be rude to pass up such an opportunity.

I start taking off my clothes as I approach the bed. Once I hop on the bed, I'm butt naked. I flip open the sheets and get on top of her. She wraps her legs around me as I penetrate her wet cunt.

"Oh my, Charles, You're so much thicker than usual. Oh God, I don't thick it'll fit," she says as I enter her pussy. "How on earth did you get so thick?"

I don't says a word, I just start thrusting in and out. Before this I was a virgin, don't judge, I'm only 14, but I says some pornos so I think I know what I'm doing. Grabbing her tits so can I begin to firmly groping them.

"Oh my God, this is so much better than usual. I think this might be the best sex in my life. I think I'm going to cum soon. It's almost like I'm having sex... with another... man," she final figures it out.

"So you final figured out my dad couldn't fuck you this good," I smile appears on my face that she cannot see thanks to the darkness.

"Justin, get off of me. I'm your mother and I'm married!" Fat chance of that happening.

"You're not my mother and you're married to that sissyman," I tell her. "Besides I'm fucking you in a way he could never could with a cock you just said was way bigger than his. I doing such a good job that you're going to cum and we only just started."

Speak of the devil, I can feel her pussy twitching in a way that one of my friends told be about. Yeah, she's definitely cumming, but I'm not done yet. I'm out to prove just how much better I am than him. I grab her and take her off the bed and I fuck her as I stand. Her only support is me.

"Oh God, what is this? Don't drop me!" she is nervous and scared, but she must also be excited because her tight pussy is getting both tighter and wetter. "We shouldn't be doing this. It's wrong!"

"The only thing wrong her is that you let the pencil dick fuck you. Besides your pussy is telling me you're enjoying this." I just continue to ram her cunt.

"Stop now, before I scream."

"Scream what? How this is so good. You can't call this rape after you just came and I'm pretty sure you're about to soon cum again. Besides, do you want your girls to see you like this? Being fucked by your step-son."

"Oh God, no, OhhHH GOd!" she cums again.

"Speaking of cumming, I'm about to cum as well."

I release a huge load of cum deep into her pussy. I then drop her on the floor after I take my cum and pussy juice covered cock out of her cunt, then I shove it in her face and say, "clean me, slut."

The woman I practically rape begins to gentle lick my still semi-erect manhood, causing it to get hard again.

"All clean. Now please get out." she says as she weeps.

"Very well." I thought about making her give me a blow job, but I don't want to overload her on our first fuck fest, we still have all day tomorrow, since it will be Saturday.

I pick up my clothes, head to my room and go to sleep with my still raging cock. The sissyman, come home a little later.


The next morning it's just me and Nancy as the girls went to their friend's houses and pop had to work again.

"What up, Nancy?" I ask her as I stand naked in the hall with my raging cock.

Nancy adverts her eyes and says in a low voice, "No, let's just... forget about last night." So shy and so pathetic.

"No way, my pet. We are going to finish off where we left off."

"But I don't... want to."

"Bullshit, you loved it and you know it. Your body said so, twice," I walk up to her and put my hands down her pants and feel her wet cunt. "And it says it wants some more right now, don't you."

"Well, I will admit it did feel... good, but it's wrong," she said, blushingly. "I never thought an... orgasm could feel so... good."

That was her first orgasm? Sad, I know my dad couldn't make a woman reach an orgasm, but I thought maybe her previous husband or someone else she fucked could. Well, she has me now so she won't have that problem anymore, I'll make sure of it.

"That's so sad, a woman should reach an orgasm long before her thirties," I tell her. "But I'm going to make sure you get them all of the time."

"Y-You don't have to."

"But I want to. A man who can't satisfy a woman isn't a real man. And every woman should have a real man, like me." Truer words have never been spoken. "Now take off your clothes."

"B-But I can't." She says as she is about to cry, "I'm your mother."

"But you can and you will. And we're not blood related so this ain't incest, got it?"

Starting with her shirt, she starts taking off her clothes. Then she drops her long skirt to the ground and says with tears falling down her cheeks, "Let's stop this now, I promise not to tell anyone."

"Underwear, now." I command her with an amused toned.

She unhooks her bra and tosses across the room and then pulls pulling down her pants. The only thing she's wearing now are her shoes and socks now, but I don't really care about them. What I really care about are her hands covering her tits and pussy.

"Show me your privates."

She just shows them to me with no further coercion. Such a weak woman. Quite fitting for a weak man like my dad, too bad I'm taking her from him. Her tits are nice and erect and her wet pussy shows me she wants me. Too bad about her hair to, it's sooo... retro? She has a weird sense of fashion"Let down your hair."

Letting down her long hair, I'm stunned. She looks so much more... sexy. Now I want to pounce on her, but I hold myself back and grab her hand. I take us to her bedroom and lay flat on my back with my monster cock stand like a skyscraper.

"Have you ever heard of cowgirl style?" I ask her.

"No, what's that?"

"It's when a woman rider and man's cock like a, well, cowgirl. It's best done with long cocks as they woman will be bouncing in the air. Wanna try it?"


"I think you do."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because your pussy looks like a waterfall." She looks down and sees her flooding pussy and tries to hide it with her hands, but it's dripping down her legs onto the floor.

"Now let's try it out. Get on top of me." She doesn't obey my orders so I repeat myself with a stricter tone. "I mean now."

She does as I command and straddles me without saying a word. Her pussy feels so wet, my large cock enters it with almost no resistance. Once I'm I grab her tits and thrust my hips, I start bouncing her in the air.

"Ahh, I'm going to fall!" She screams. I'm not sure if it's the fear, the excitement, or just the adrenaline, but her pussy gets so much tighter.

"No, you're not." I grab her tits to her her keep her balance, among other things. She lets out shrieks of pleasure as I grope her tits and toy with her erect nipples with my fingers.

"Oh, God! Don't let me fall!"

"Have a little faith, slut!" I start to speed up my thrusts, sending her higher into the air. "How does this all feel?"


"Is that all?"

"Well, also a little good." She saws with a slight smile.

"Only a little?"

"A little more than a little." She starts to close her eyes, her mouth become the shape of an O, and begins her orgasm. "But it still feels wrong!"

"Your pathetic sense of morality is getting annoying." I say was slight annoyed face.

"I'm sorry." She says as she tries to look away from me.

"We're not blood, not family, and your not my mom. Plus every woman is entitled to a man that can satisfy her and since that other man can't I will. So your my bitch, got it? And above all, we're not done yet." I shift position from cowgirl to missionary and continue to ram her wet cunt. When I'm done with you, you'll be so sore down there, you won't be able to walk properly for a few days."

"Please, I've came once already. That's enough." She says in terror.

"So selfish, I haven't cum yet." Once I say that, she is about to say something, but I cut her off my kissing her. After massaging my tongue against hers, she eventually massages back and wrap her arms and legs around me. She has finally accepted me.

We cum some after at about the same time and I take my dirty cock out of her.

"Oh, God! Oh, God! You can in me again." She starts to cry. "I could get pregnant!"

Where was this bitching last night when I banged her? Wait, I thought she was on the pill? Oh well. "So, considerate a happy miracle. Beside, me and that femboy have similar DNA, unfortunately. So the brat will look like him and should pass a DNA test, got it. Nothin' to worry about. Besides, better to have my kid than his." I then lead my cock up to her face and say, "Clean me."

"Y-Yes, sir." She says sheepishly.

'Sir', I don't like the sound of that. It makes me sound old. "Call me 'Master' instead."

"Yes, M-Master." Damn, she's weak willed. She starts like my cock clean and eats me cum.

"How did it taste?"

"G-Good, Master."

"Want some more?" She looks up to me and shakes her head 'yes'. "Suck me off."

"But I've never sucked anyone before." So sad.

"Now's the time to learn." I point to my cock. "Now snap to it."

After she wraps her head around my cock, I can tell this is her first time suck someone off. She's only sucking, no tongue, no bobbing of her head back and forth. "This really is your first time suck a man off."

She looks up to me and tries to say, "Sorry," with my cock in her mouth.

"First of all, try using some tongue." She does just that, but it's not that good. Gee, she puts to rest that myth that older women know how to please men. "And try bobbing your head back and forth." Both of which are improvements of just her sucking, but there's room for improvement, a LOT of improvement.

This continues for about twenty minutes before I cum, I may have cum sooner, but with this technique, let's just be glad it was only twenty minutes. Though she did learn a lot this time, ultimately, I'm going to need to train her in the art of blow jobs and eventually, some year, make her give me a deepthroat.

I take my cock out of her mouth and spray my essence all over her face. I decided not to cum in her mouth, because she would probably choke to death with her skills.

Nancy, covered in my cum, almost passed out on the bed. I may be somewhat satisfied sexually, but I want more. I don't want to be fucking some moderately attractive housewife, I want a hot wife. The problem with her looks isn't her body, but her fashion.

"Slut, it's time for a new look for you. Your hair and fashion since aren't what I want in my girl. No more of your 50's since of fashion. You're going to go out and get a short layered hair style and start wearing more revealing clothes. And some make-up wouldn't hurt," I command her. "If you don't I may set my eye on another woman, maybe your daughters. I expect some meat after I come back home for dinner."

I put on my clothes and head out to the gym for some kickboxing practice as she lays on the floor.


Hours later I head home, and once I'm in the front yard I see Dorothy, Wendy, and Pops. I guess we all got it timed so we arrive for dinner. We all walk in and see the table filled with meatloaf, curry,and pork.

We all sit down for dinner. Finally some real food. When she steps out of the kitchen, all of our mouths drop and our eyes almost pop out of our heads. She comes out with a short layered hairstyle, just like I told her, a black corset with jeans, and some eye liner.

"Mom, you look hot!" exclaimed Wendy. "Wanna hangout?"

"Dear, you look stunning," says the little girl, I mean my dad says.

"Definitely an improvement," stated Dorothy. I love her comments

Nancy just looks down as she blushes. "That's it just felt like somebody told me I needed a change in my look." Your welcome.

We all start digging in. All the while Nancy occasionally gives me a glance and blushes. But even though I promised I'd only fuck her and never her daughters, I'm still looking at them. Now either I go after the slutty Wendy or the shy Dorothy. Oh choices, but I choice...