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White Slavery or is it Really Part 7

2023-01-23 00:02:54

White Slavery or is it Really Part 7

Part 7

Not long after Adanna's mother had been placed in full time care do to the fact that her condition had been getting worse she was no longer able to get around by herself. Her faculties though had been diminished little. She had turned to members of the trust for guidance, and they had put all of the things needed together in the event that if something should happened to her the girls would be well taken care of.

With Adanna's father gone, and her mother terminally ill. She had been spending as much time as possible with her mother. This had taken a toll on her school work that left her even farther behind. When she had helped move, her parents personal things from where they had been stored, to the large two story house they were now living in, among them was this very large old trunk. This was one of many things that had been placed in the attic by the movers. At the time she had asked her mother what was in the trunk? Her mother, had never really answered that question. Only saying that what it held, was some very personal family things and, that it had nothing to do with her!. This answer at the time seemed reasonable, however sometime later the question came up again, and for Adanna if it was personnel family things,.. how could she not be involved? This statement from her mother after some thought did not seem to make sense?

This time after asking the question again her mother had become much more vocal and adamant that she not go into the attic, or near the trunk, and under no circumstances was she to open it!. This loud and abrupt statement from her ill mother was unusual, unsettling, and quite out of character. This comment had only made her interest in the trunk, all the more appealing!....

With her mother now being cared for in her own private room and with a full time nurse and several maids. Had allowed Addie much more freedom and opportunity to finally investigate the attic and the mysterious trunk?. When she finally decided to take a look, the keys to the attic were easy to come by and her mother was now in no condition to stop her.
She was uncertain, and had mixed emotions about what she might find in the trunk as she climbed the stairs to the attic? She would have felt better if Sam would had been with her, but Sam, was in the city, so Addie was left by herself to see just what this old trunk had in store for her?. With her heart pounding and unsure as to what had so upset her mother, she unlocked the door! There were a number of other items stored in this upper most part of the house, she again became quite hesitant as she unlocked this mysterious old trunk and slowly lifted the lid, in doing so she had unknowingly pushed several parts of an old cast iron bed that had been against the trunk, to the point that they had came crashing down! The noise was deafening and had scared her half to death as she froze! How could anyone not notice the noise and come to investigate? This situation had gone from her holding her breath with her heart pounding to a very loud crash, and then back to dead silence! One of he maids had hollered up asking is everything alright Addie? Once she had come to her senses she ventured out into the upper hallway finally said yes everything is okay, and not to worry the noise was just an accident! After all of the commotion had settled down and her heart rate had returned somewhat to normal, and with the trunk finally open she was treated to a very musty smell?.

The contense of the trunk had been carefully packed and were quite in order. As she started to go through the trunk she came upon a ledger titled index, that listed in chronological order all of the material. There were numerous pages of what was in the trunk. This list had the dates and descriptions of each item. She was shocked to see that the dates led back to the mid 1800s and that most of the ledgers up until the turn of the century had apparently been written by her great grandfather. With the excitement of finding things out about her family and apparently about her great grand parents especially, things she had never known existed was even more exciting! Having taken one of the ledgers over to the light, she had started to read some of the passages and descriptions, they were mostly about young black female slaves that had been used for perverted sexual pleasure,or torture and, some in the most brutal sadistic, and unimaginable way OMG she thought!. Along with the written entries there were quite a number of well illustrated and lifelike drawings that had with them some glass plate photography negatives depicting the torment torture and abuse that these young black women had suffered through!...

Adanna was quite fascinated and her excitement had turned to uneasiness with the descriptions and drawings that accompanied them, she continued to briefly thumb through more and more of these old family ledgers, that had led up to the turn of the century. After this time these entries, and the drawings that accompanied them had changed to more detailed writings and to not only all glass plate negatives, But they had with them numerous black and white pictures of what had been done to these young black women. The pictures had been perfectly preserved and left no doubt as to what kind of sexual abuse they had endured. The pictures had started by these women just being tied up, followed by whippings and torture of there breasts and gentiles, one could see the welts and the helpless looks of despair on their faces as she read and looked at these pictures. The indignities they had suffered were then followed by forceful gang rapes. Along with this, were pictures of these women being placed and bound, on or in numerous mechanical fucking machine devices that had large and very realistic leather type phallic extensions, that were either self propelled by them ,or that could be operated by the slave traders themselves. Much of these things had been done for amusement,OMG! she thought as they had also been helplessly forced to mate with mules and other beasts, just to see just how big of a male animal organ they could withstand!...

Adanna was horrified by what many of these young women had been forced to do and had genuine sympathy for what had happened to them. But at the same time could not help herself from being sexually stimulated by what she read and saw in these pictures of what had been done to these young girls! This had produced her own mixed sexual feelings about bondage and sexual abuse as she kept imagining herself as one of these girls!. This form of slavery according to these documents had continued to occur long after slavery hand been legally abolished. The pictures and entries had led clear up to second World War!. Apparently her great grandfather and later her grandfather had been involved in some sort of underground version of a slave sex trade, by selectively supplying many of these women to rich business men from around the country along with well to do men and women from around the world. They had apparently supplied them to dictators and third world sheiks just for their sadistic sexual pleasure and amusement!.

She had seen enough and had returned the items exactly as she had found them locking the trunk, she was on her way down the stairs when it occurred to her that if this, was in the attic? What in the world could be in the basement? She still had the keys, and they would unlock the doors to whatever was down there?. Her imagination raced again as she descended several flights of stairs, down into the darkened basement. Upon opening the last door and turning on several dim lights, at first she did not comprehend what, she was looking at?. She had been walking down aisles of unusual equipment and was quite startled to realize that the pictures she had been looking at upstairs, were the very devices and machines that had been used on these young women, and that they had been stored and preserved here for sometime and for some,..... sinister reason.?

Adanna had locked the doors and was climbing the stairs when she realized that she was getting very moist just imagining herself again, as being one of these young women who had been used in this horrible way. Adanna could not keep her mind off of what she had found from flashing back to these images! She after experiencing this incredible find about her family's past had in the following weeks been having erotic perverse and fitful dreams about "her", being a white slave girl that is being brutalized by sadistic black masters and that "she" was the one that was suffering these abusive and horrible sexual indignities! This had caused her to wake up in the middle of the night sweating hot, with her heart pounding on more than one occasion! Do to these subconscious dreams she self inflected forceful masturbation, that was followed by equally incredible orgasm's! The results of this restless sleep and orgasms had made tired and her school work had suffered. This problem had not helped and had only added to more and more demerits!

Adanna had finally decided to attend the special after school tutoring that had been offered by the head mistress, as after only two weeks had so many demerits that she needed to do something, to make them go away. She had finally told the head mistress she would start coming by on a regular basis until the demerits were all worked off. The mistress with a twinkle in her eye said to be there promptly at 6 pm after evening dinner.

Just as Addie was ready to leave her dorm room, Lane over a book she had been reading casually asked if she was wearing panties? She, of course and so naive did not understand how this could have anything to do with her tutoring?. Lane shrugged her shoulders and sighed, mumbling something to the effect, no skin off my nose, as Addie left. She was still trying to figure out what this comment had meant as she knocked on the office door, a voice said come in, she walked into the main office, the one she had been in when they had first registered and taken the placement exam. There was no one there, so she said hello, this was met by a voice again saying to please enter through the big door on her right. She did not known quite what to expect as this, was the head mistress's private quarters and personal residence.

Upon entering this room she was told to close and lock the door behind her, this woman was setting behind a most unusual desk, she then asked Addie, did she know what was expected of her?. I'm here to receive some special tutoring so that I can have demerits removed from my student file. The mistress smiled in a somewhat perplexed way saying, didn't any of the other girls tell you what was going to happen? And what I was going to do to you? Addie slowly shook her head no?.... as it started to slowly dawn on her that something other than academics might be required. She then told Addie okay I will give you a break, but you might have to do something extra for me in order to have more infractions removed!. Addie sighed quite submissively and said to the head mistress I will do,.. whatever you ask mistress.

The head mistress said to Addie come over here my dear, and I will tell you exactly what I expect?. Addie at first hesitated and the mistress said to her, when I tell you to do something I expect you to do now!.The mistress had in her hand a short nasty looking leather quirt that she slammed down on the desk with such force that it scared the young girl half to death! Addie quickly walked around the desk and stood before her, she then said lift your skirt slowly, and turn around. She hesitated again, thinking back to what had happened to her in the airport?. The mistress's reaction to her hesitation was mean and loud, as the leather quirt hit the desk again only inches from her bottom! This time with Addie scared even more, quickly lifted her skirt and turned around, the head mistress upon seeing that she was wearing panties, said in exasperation didn't any of the other girls tell you about not wearing panties.?..

Addie slowly said, well yes.... but...but. I, didn't think I needed to do this, just to be tutored? The head mistress was now livid, almost yelling at her, you slutty little idiot when something is expected of you it, should be done without question,.. remove them now, and I mean now! Addie was now trembling as she quickly removed them and laid them on the desk, Then holding up her short skirt and turning around again, showing the head mistress her bare young female bottom and still a somewhat unshaven little slit that was left from her tryst with the older sales girls at the erotic clothing store only weeks before.

The head Mistress savagely gave her pink little clit a quick pinch, at the same time telling her to take off her sweater and bra and to put her hands behind her head and not, under any circumstances to move them!. She then stood up and hurtfully grabbed one of Addie's nipples and forcefully pulled her over to the wall!. Addie at first had not noticed all the pictures of other young white women who, like her, were nude or semi nude and in some sort of compromising position with the head mistress., but as she looked at each of the pictures started to realize, as her face became flush with what would now be expected!. Along with these pictures were, ones of these same young white women, with what looked like, very young black men almost boys? The girls were wearing very elegant, but somewhat revealing evening gowns, and the young men were in some sort of military uniform, all had very satisfied smiles on there faces, that were in stark contrast to what was depicted in the other pictures of these young women and the mistress!.

The Mistress then said with her face right next to Addie's, as she forced her eyes to look closely at a number of these pictures, saying at the same time look at these, this is what I expect from you, only I want you to do it better much...much, better!. Most of the pictures were of other young white girls performing cunnilingus on the head mistress or, were of she doing likewise to them. They were doing it from all sorts of positions, but most of the young women were doing so as naked helpless sub missive's, many of them had there hands bound so they did not have any choice, or were in some other sort, of compromised bondage device!.
She then said do you understand now,? As she painfully continued twisted one of Addie's soft beautiful pink nipples, and this time even more viciously than the last. Now do you understand!.... Addie squirmed in pain, from her sadistic touch pleading,! and then gasping! Please don't hurt me! Knowing full well that this is what they both wanted as she meekly and was barely able to say, yes mistress.

The head mistress then pulled her away from the wall, and pictures, again by one of her nipples, and commanded her to get down on her knees, and to put her hands behind her back. With Addie now on her knees the mistress told her that if she could not keep her hands there, they would then be tied in that position and that she would suffer a worse fate or would even be beaten!. In the mean time this big black manly woman had removed her slacks and was nude from the waste down.

With Addie now on her knees the mistress set down in a small swivel chair that reclined, had the middle of the seat bottom cut out, and was on rollers. She wheeled it over spreading her legs to where Addie was kneeling and was eye to eye with the mistress's grotesque looking meaty cunt!..., Addie had only performed oral on one of the older sales gals at the exotic clothes store, and was trying to remember how she had done it?. The head mistress not knowing this, gave her some time to look, an inspect her rather large black female cunt as this woman had the most unusual genitals and pubic area, that left Addie wondering?..what or just how she was supposed to do it?....

There was no hair on it at all, and the cunt lips were quite long, well over 4” and were swollen and quite puffy as if they had recently been abused! The inner part was quite a contrast that went from pink to black skin at the tip on each of the long lips, and if this seemed unusual, her clitoris was even more so? As it looked more like the head of a small oval shaped penis it was well over an inch across and stuck out at least that far when relaxed. Addie could see that the head mistress was getting aroused, by her heavy breathing and anticipation! She watched in wonder as this very large nub began to swell, to an even larger size!. Addie was quite fascinated watching it grow, as the mistress aggressively rubbed her fingers around the base, it had now swelled to a more normal looking unhooded clit but was at least “three times as large” as any clit Addie had ever seen! It was also grotesquely spotted all over, some areas were pink and some were black, it also had the most unusual thick, nasty looking light yellow colored creamy goo, oozing out of it, that was now running down her dark skinned crack , and then slowly dripping onto the floor in big gobs!. Her pussy looked as though it was alive and almost with a crooked smile, just anticipating what, was about to happen!....

The head mistress then said to Addie, and at the same time wheeling her chair up closer yet placing her big juicy cunt directly in Addie's face. She grabbed Addie by the back of her blond head and with both hands, was guiding Addie's young lips directly on to her now very swollen, and gigantic! Clitoris!...

Addie at first tried to resist as the yellow goo smelled awful, but the head mistress's strong hands, and the fact that she was not going to be denied stymied any further resistance. Addie then tried to do what she thought, had been done to her, but the taste was sickening and her position was not at all where, or how the mistress wanted? She now became flustered and even more aggressive in forcing Addie's mouth onto the area of her clit that needed the most attention!. Addie had been trying to keep herself from barfing and tried to concentrate on sucking biting, and nibbling, the same way she had been sucked on, But was choking and having a hard time breathing, as her nose, and mouth were buried in the wet slimy folds of this one of a kind incredible black pussy! As the head mistress held her firm!. OMG! it was so wet and nasty as this incredible sexual organ came alive, even with her clumsy attempted perverse attention! Addie was even more surprised as thoughts of slave girls flashed back and these thoughts were of her dreams that quickly went from horrible and nasty to one of the most helpless and intense orgasms she had ever had! The head mistress was in wonder? As she had never had another of these young white girls orgasm like this while performing oral on her!

Just when Addie thought she was going to faint, the head mistress who's ragged breathing had stopped, felt the mistress's thighs tense and that this woman was about to cum! Addie could not help herself, and took her hands from behind her back, and put them on the inside of this older woman's thighs, and was trying to push herself away from this big black slit that was smothering her, in order to catch her breath and breathe. “The mistress then exploded in her mouth, and all over her face it was an incredible amount of cum! Adanna had never seen, much less felt anyone cum like this, it was more like a large male animal that had shot its gigantic pent up unused load! Her face was covered with this thick, yellow goo like substance, that she was now choking on, it was running down onto her bare white titties, and dripping off the ends of the nipples and onto her knees! Addie after choking an enormous amount of this sickening yellow cum down and trying to breath had started to very gently,and softly lick this now fully swollen and very erect enormous clit when the mistress climaxed again while forcing Addie's head and lips tightly to her clit! This time was with even more force than the last!. Adanna was still struggling to breathe!

The head mistress had really gotten off, apparently Addie not knowing quite what to do, had with her inept aggressive tenderness done something that along with Addie's uncontrolled orgasm, this was something the mistress had never before experienced!. As the head mistress recovered, and her breathing returned she realized that Addie's hands were not behind her back!, she quickly jerked her up by her hands, and almost dragged her across the room, and through a small door that had at first looked like part of the wall, and into what looked like some sort of a slave dungeon that replicated a number of those devices that Addie had seen pictures of in the attic trunk!

She at first was terrified, when the head mistress pulled her over to the closest one, forcefully bending her over, and started locking first her neck followed by her wrists and then her ankles in individual stocks! . Addie was now emobile, and spread wide with her bare girlish young bottom sticking out, and her full youthful breasts hanging straight down. There was no way that she could even move much less get loose!.
The head mistress took three pieces of heavy lacing cord showing them first to Addie who's eyes were now “wide with fear”, taking her time, she made loops in each, with a small slip knot at one end, and attached the first two around Addie's perky pink nipples pulling them very tight pooching her nipples out, and then hooked them down to very strong rubber cords, the results were when she let go that they were instantly stretched straight down and pulled painfully taunt!. With Addie bent over, and her wet cunt barely open, slightly dripping with anticipation the head mistress then got down on her knees behind her, and looped the third open cord around Addie's pea shaped but swelling clitoris, and at the same time gave it a really good wet sucking! This was followed by lassoing her clit, with the slip knot, and pulling it tight as she let loose with her lips, thus making it look just like a small swollen little rosebud. The feeling for Addie was erotic, but was also perversely painful. This cord was then hooked to another strong rubber cord that instantly stretched and pulled her clit down as she let go, making it just as taunt as her nipples. Addie could feel the mistress's very hot breath next to her open cunt, and clit, as she slowly licked the base up to, and around the cord of her almost blood red and very swollen clitoris, to the mistress it was one of the most beautiful, and sensually erotic forms of torture that one could do to these young girls tender little treasures!. It went from very soft white skin at the base, to as it stretched out and became a darker pink after the slip knot a dark blood red at the rose bud. As the mistress continued to lick the pain filled orb! For Addie the pain and pleasurable sensation was mixed and madding as she! had another incredible trembling orgasm!...

With Addie still terrified, unable to move, and her breasts and clit being painfully stretched the head mistress took out what at first looked like a “small coiled up bull whip” that was normally used for training animals, and started to playfully swat Addie's bare bottom!.

At first it was teasing, as she took the handle of the whip that was shaped as a phallic replica and probed the opening of Adanna's tender little cunt! Then with the the business end of the whip uncoiled she stepped back and took the full length and started popping, and snapping it closer and closer to Addie's most tender nakedness. As it got closer, to her unprotected bare bottom, and well stretched clit Addie with a shrill, and yelping staccato voice was begging the head mistress not to hurt her! Especially in this most sensitive place, while she tried unsuccessfully to move her bare tender little bottom, and sweet pink little pussy out of the way, but the stocks and taunt cord held her helpless and firm!.

The first of several popping snaps cut into her soft pink unprotected bottom, one on each buttock. This, brought a very painful squealing as she yelped even louder when the third and forth stroke expertly cut into the bare flesh between her asshole and cunt that the last stroke landed squarely on the tip of her well stretched clit! The first strokes had her crying begging the head mistress to stop, while the last stinging one on her clit left her uncontrollably sobbing. But her young body that had endured this, now experienced a very forceful and painful orgasm that the results of which was starting to seep down the inside of her thighs. This excruciating pain, and then pleasure had left her spent, as she resigned herself, that this horrible abuse would continue? She was surprised when it did not!. The head mistress had started unhooking, first the cords on her nipples, and last the one on her clit this last stretching of her clit when released had produced a sigh of relief along with another pleasurable orgasm!.

Apparently the head mistress new exactly, how and what to do in order to get the most out of this sadistic type of whipping torture, doing only what was needed. to produce the desired effect. With Addie now released, and trying to compose herself the mistress with almost genuine concern helped Addie over to a small padded table, laying her down, spreading her legs, and immediately burying her face in the sweetness of the young girls well abused bare little muff, that was still very sore and wet from her last orgasm!.

The head mistress was a master at this gorging herself on Addie's helplessness, the stinging little bite marks had now been transformed into very sensuous, and erotic feelings that resulted in another of the longest, and most pleasurable orgasms that Addie had ever experienced. The head mistress let her lay there, and savor this last orgasm for some time, before helping her up and taking her hand in almost a motherly way as she was lead back into the other room with the door closing behind them. The mistress then told her quite abruptly to clean up get dressed, and get out, saying that half of the demerits would be removed!.

Continued in Part 8